Feng Shui To Attract Love? (Video)

Yin and Yang Living hostess Moon gets some expert advice in bedroom feng shui from Donna Stellhorn. Donna illustrates how to set up the furniture in your house to attract love. WHo knew feng shui could be used for love attraction.

Our favorite tip: keep the bed near one wall, but not two walls. It will give the person a feeling of being closed in since one side of the bed is up against the wall.

Do you use feng shui in your life? If so, how? Share in the comments below.

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This Artist’s Sidewalk Art Will Have You Fooled (And Amazed)

Born July 10, 1968, Edgar Müller grew up in the western German city of Straelen. His childhood love of painting began with landscapes of his hometown.

Street painting intrigued Müller. He first entered the Geldern international street painting festival at the age of 16, and he won his first title in the competition at age 19. Müller has won several international festivals since his first entry in Geldern. In 1998, he gained the title of ‘maestro madonnari’ (master street painter) as awarded by the world’s largest street painting festival, The Grazie Festival in Italy. At age 25, he devoted his career to street painting. Müller traveled extensively throughout Europe teaching and presenting his art.

Müller strives to promote street artists and their art and has organized festivals. He also developed an internet forum to unite and promote street artists.

Despite his classes and communication design training, Müller is autodidact, and he continues to explore new art forms and develop his own style. His 3 dimensional street art uses traditional painting and challenges public perception.

Müller enjoys the availability of street art – the artist showcasing his or her art without a gallery or museum. He continues to appreciate the transitory nature of street art – everything changes on the street. Just a person passing within the borders of a scene changes the art, and then, it changes again.

Here is a gallery of 10 of his most awe inspiring creations. Hard to beleive this is all just sidewalks, chalk and one huge amount of creative vision and artistry.

[slideshow_deploy id=’983′]

“Usually I go in nature to get ideas for a new painting. A simple walk in the forests around my house can be very inspiring. My way of getting inspiration is to ask questions. What am I doing here? What can I do better? How do we create our reality? Is time linear? Do I believe in god? Some may think these are childish questions – but that’s in fact the greatest compliment.” – Edgar Mueller.

Which of these are your favorites? Which took your breath away? Comment below and let us know then share this amazing art with your friends.

You can see all of his artwork at his official website.

Artist Re-Creates Homeless Signs To See If The Results Improve…

An anonymous art director in Chicago started a unique project to help the multitude of homeless. He goes out each week to meet a homeless person. After telling them about the project, he offers to make a new sign to replace their shabby handmade ones. He creates the sign, delivers it, and meets others. He checks back each week to see how the new signs have been received by the public. Tumblr user aplusappmedia states it best, “He takes the signs that the homeless have previously written, and turns them into beautiful works of calligraphy.”

After eight weeks, the art director has met five homeless and delivered seven signs. Roger, the first man, was holding an old, wrinkled cardboard sign with “HEALTH PROBLEMS NEED HELP MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU ALL” written in black marker. The next week, the art director discovered a problem. He couldn’t find Roger. Cold weather prevented him from finding Roger for a couple weeks. Once Roger received his new sign, which read the same message in beautifully written type, the art director received a promising update. Roger only used the sign for a total of 6 hours, yet received 12 compliments. People were prompted to start conversations with Roger and call him over to their car.


The next man in the project was Samuel. His sign read “GOING THROUGH CHEMO NOT DOING WELL PLEASE HELP”. Samuel was going through his 2nd chemotherapy treatment. Sadly, he hasn’t been able to find Samuel again to give him the new sign; but is still looking.

While looking for Samuel, the art director met Mike, a Veteran who lost his leg serving our country. A week later he had his new sign with large print and decorative cursive reading, “I LOST MY LEG For My Country PLEASE HELP You Will Be Blessed”. Mike’s new sign received positive results similar to Roger’s remade sign. On a later visit, the art director discovered Mike further embellished the sign with orange highlighter to make it stand out.


Next, the art director was presented with another challenge. Fred had two signs crammed with messages. He originally only asked for one sign, but was so happy with the first that he requested a second larger one. The art director delivered a tall sign with large, bold print. Fred was so pleased; he had his first remade as well. Fred was the first person to comment he hadn’t seen much of a change, but blamed it on the cold weather.

The fifth man the art director has helped is Ulysses. Another Veteran, Ulysses received two new signs and was very thankful for them.


After only two months, word has spread quickly of the promising effects. The Urban Type Experiment has been featured in news articles and people regularly follow the Tumblr posts documenting each step. Even though 5 men are a mere speck in the 140,000 homeless in Chicago, there’s hope this project will spark more awareness. As each sign helps each individual, maybe more individuals will help others.

You can read more about the Urban Type Experiment here.

What do you think of this experiment? Share with your friends and see what they think.

21 Amazingly Cute Farm Animals

Have you ever seen an animal so cute, you almost got angry? Something so disgustingly cute that you just wanted to pull an Elmira on it? Well, we here all love sharing pictures of cute animals and hearing everyone scream “OMG, so cute!”. It’s quite the euphoria buzz.

Check out this slideshow of 21 amazingly cute animals of the farm variety.

[slideshow_deploy id=’864′]

So, which was your favorite? Any one of them in particular make you “squee”? Comment below and let us know your favorites, then share with your friends to hear them scream with delight “Awwwww, so cute”.

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The Hilarious Results Of Couples Playing Truth Or Drink

Couples got together and played a game of Truth Or Drink. They have to answer sexual questions and if they don’t want to answer, they have to take a shot. It’s pretty damn funny. There is even an appearance from the producer’s parents.

Would you play Truth Or Drink with your significant other? Are there any questions you could be asked that you would take the shot versus answering? Will this become the next great party game? Comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback.

5 Incredible Acts Of Animal Heroism

We often get to hear tales of mighty men and wonderful women becoming heroes and performing amazing life saving acts While we love to hear about acts of selfless help like those, it’s also great to hear about members of the animal kingdom engaging in acts of heroism. Here are 5 such feats that are sure to warm your heart.

Willie The Parrot

A small green parrot named Willie became a hero in Denver when he saved the life of a two-year-old toddler, Hanna Kuusk. In November, 2009, Megan Howard was babysitting Hannah. Megan brought along her usually quiet little parrot. Hannah was having breakfast with Willie keeping her company in the kitchen. Megan left the kitchen for a little bit. Not long after, Megan heard Willie cried out, “Mama, baby!” Megan ran back to the kitchen to find Willie squawking and frantically flapping his wings. Hannah was choking on her breakfast, her face already turning blue. Megan quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver on Hannah just in time. If it were not for Willie’s remarkable warning, it would have been too late.

Gimpy The Seal
Gimpy the elephant seal arrived at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach in 1994 with a severe trauma to the head that caused her left side to be paralyzed with impaired vision. Through the gentle care from the staff, she overcame her injuries and was nursed back to health. The severity of her injuries left her slower and less coordinated than the other seals, but that did not dampen her spirits. One day, a volunteer went into a pen of seal pups to clean. When he slipped and fell, an aggressive seal came toward him, followed by band of noisy seals. He was in danger of being bitten severely. Gimpy came along and fended off the seals, protecting the volunteer and allowing him to escape.

Shana the Dog
Shana was a sick half German shepherd, half wolf puppy who was only two weeks old when she was rescued by an elderly couple, Eve and Normal Fertig from Alden, New York. The Fertigs ran a sanctuary on their property. They were out doing their usual rescue work on their property when a raging storm hit the area, cutting power and blowing down trees all around them. The Furtigs were stranded in the cold and rain, they were at least 200 feet from their home, and the trees blocked their way. Shana found them and started to dig a tunnel, big enough so the Fertigs were able to get out and back into their home. With no power and heat, Shana was their only source of warmth in the house until rescuers found them.

Tara the Cat

Tara became a feline heroine when she fought off a ferocious dog who attacked little Jeremy Triantafilo in Bakersfield, CA. Jeremy was playing outside of his house on his tiny bike when a dog sneaked up from behind and grab the boys’ leg, pulling him down. Within seconds, Tara dashed out of nowhere and lunged head-first into the dog, fighting a dog several times her size and chasing him away. Jeremy was rushed to emergency where he got 10 stitches for the bites. Tara’s selfless act of bravery prevented the injury from being worse.

Stubby the Dog
Stubby was a stray found by Private J. Robert Conroy of the U.S. infantry in WWI. Pets were not allowed, but Stubby was smart and boosted morale in the company. He even learned to “salute” with his right paw over his right eyebrow. He joined the troops in battle where he developed a keen sense of danger, warning his comrades of gas attacks and finding wounded soldiers. When the enemy sent a spy to scout the layout of the Allied trenches, Stubby attacked and held him until the U.S. soldiers came. He was truly a war hero.

Which story touched you the most? Comment below and let us know. Also feel free to share stories of other heroic animals.

10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Bats

Everyone is fascinated by bats. There are a lot of myths and legends about them. Whether it be the association with vampires or swarm of them in horror movies. They sometimes get a bad rap. We’d like to set the record straight and have listed 10 things we bet you might not have known about these nocturnal flying creatures.

The vast majority of people realize that bats utilize echolocation to move around their surroundings. We likewise realize that this method is not entirely one of a kind to simply bats. Different creatures like Whales, Dolphins, and even some mice use this aptitude as well.

1. They Are Expert Hunters

For the longest time, it was accepted that bats could recognize prey that was not moving. This was a gigantic disadvantage for the winged animals. Along these lines, most bugs would stay totally still in the event that they knew a bat was hunting them. A bat from South America discredited this hypothesis, then again, research uncovered that bats have the capacity to recognize motionless insects.

2. Bats Do Not Rely On Their Sense Of Smell

Most bats stick to a eating routine of simply natural products, yet how is their food source discovered when they only come out after dark? It was believed that they utilize their nose to find plants since echolocation is unreliable in the dark. Shockingly, that is not the situation. Bats really utilize the sound that is given off from plants to focus on their location.

3. Bats Are Better Singers Than Opera Singers

Bats can deliver ultrasonic tweets which can surpass human listening capabilities. Bat chirps can range up to 160 kilohertz (kHz) while tweeting and people can only hear up to 20 kHz. Soprano vocalists can only reach notes of approximately 1.76 kHz.

4. They Have Super Sonic Hearing

Look at those ears! The ears of a bat does not normally get much credit. A great many people concentrate on the commotion that the creature can create, however a bats’ ears are pretty much as advantageous as its vocal box. Late studies have found that bats can modify the state of its ear so it can get diverse acoustic signs.

5. Bats Have Friends

Bats may not be simple on the eyes, however that does not mean they don’t have feelings. Shockingly, bats have a gathering of companions that they like to remain faithful to. When you see big swarms of bats, you expect that they are simply flying around heedlessly, however there are really smaller gatherings inside the bigger herd. They stay in contact by building specific vocal tones that only their group utilizes.

6. They Like To Keep In Touch

The majority of bats are nomadic and move together to evade predators. The way to their survival is correspondence. In any case, how do these winged animal stay in contact with one another? They develop a particular kind of vocal framework that every one of them can understand. By using the surface of leaves, bats can amplify sounds to 2 decibels.

7. They Use Their Wings For Echolocation

Not all bats are vocal. A few bats do not possess the ability to produce tweets or chirps. They have developed other approaches to utilize echolocation, essentially by fluttering their wings.

8. Their Whispers Can Kill

Bats are disadvantaged when it comes to discovering prey. Since they discover sustenance by utilizing echolocation, now and again, they reveal their location. Clueless insets have figured out how to respond when they distinguish a bats’ sonar, yet some bats have discovered another apparatus that permits them to become more productive hunters. Bats that have longer tongues have the ability to deliver sounds that are more inaudible than the normal bat, which permits them to sneak up on prey that would typically hear them advancing.

9. Their Muscles Are Super-Charged

This may come as a stun to a great many people but bats have probably the most effective muscles out of all vertebrates. The larynx of the bat could contract 200 times each second! Each time you flicker or blink, a bat has effectively contracted its larynx 100 times.

10.They Go Fishing

Likely the craziest truth of all is that bats chase fish. The fact that echolocation does not blend well with water, its amazing that bats can pull this off. Despite the fact that their echolocation isn’t successful, its still helpful. The sounds of water ripples brought about by fish can be heard by bats, despite the fact that they never really see the fish. By judging the swells and current of the water, bats have the capacity to focus on the fish. They have likewise been known to discover frogs utilizing the same method.

Bats fill the night sky with resonances of trills and squeaks, and we are currently starting to comprehend the secrets behind these winged animal. However, there are many different things about bats that have been found that demonstrate exactly how remarkable these creatures are.

Which of these facts did you already know? Which came as a surprise to you? Comment below and let us know how you feel about bats. Be sure to share this article with your friends who are a little…batty 😉

5 Amazing Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions are fun with interesting pictures of people and inanimate objects, which have every one trying to figure them out. During this article, there will be five amazing optical illusions presented for your mind to chew on. After the head tilts and eye squinting, pass it on to family and friends. They will appreciate a fun moment or two trying to understand what is in front of them. But for now, go ahead and try it out.

optical illusion

Illusions using people is always an interesting proposition, especially when it is a real person and not a drawing. It is up to you to decide what you are looking at. Is it the front of his face, or the side of his face?

optical illusion

This next illusion is set in a subway area. Someone painted a staircase on the wall and floor, or is this a Photoshop job? The only thing missing is a cat sitting or lying underneath. A piece of luggage could also add additional nuance.


Remember the drawing of people mentioned earlier? Well, this next illusion is a drawing of a man’s face. Actually, some think it is the word liar written in cursive. Now that you have seen it, what is the verdict?

optical illusion

The black dot counter illusion is next up. This one will really give your eyes a run for their money. As soon as the eye rest on one black dot, it immediately turns white. But more than that, the black and white dots continue to move with every blink. Make it stop!

optical illusion

It is a well known fact that elephants have four legs. However, this next illusion challenges this assumption. How many did you count? Try starting at the front of the elephant and work your way to the back. Did you have any luck? Try it from the back to the front. This illusion was created by a cognitive scientist.

Optical illusions have a vast array of begins. The regular doodler can create benders for the left and right side of the brain to duke it out. However, the professionally trained individual such as a psychiatrist or psychologist can also wreak havoc on the optical senses. Remember the last illusion by a cognitive scientist?

Which of these are your favorite? Comment below and let us know.

Will Ferrell Is Little Debbie?

Last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell stopped by…and announced he’s the new face of Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

He brought along one of our favorite snacks: a box of Swiss Rolls…and he teased the audience about everyone getting one a la Oprah Winfrey.

Will Ferrell’s appearances on the Tonight Show are always a laugh riot.

So, can YOU tell the difference between a Little Debbie’s Snack Cake and a baked potato (with your eyes closed)?

So, what’s your favorite Will Ferrell moment? Share below and let us know. Now excuse us as we have a snack run to perform…



Photo Credit: NBC

5 Ways Danny Trejo Is Cooler Than You

Let’s face it. Danny Trejo is cooler than all of us put together. His IMDb credit listing is almost a book in and of itself. He seems to be in 1 out of every 4 RedBox movies currently in any given kiosk. He seems like a great guy who will have your back in a bar fight and buy everyone beers afterwards.

Here, though, are 5 reasons why he’s definitely cooler than you (and the rest of us, Chuck Norris included).

1. His memes are bad ass
danny trejo meme

danny trejo meme

danny trejo meme

2. He can grow a beard that will make Chuck Norris look like a 16 year old trying to grow his first moustache
danny trejo beard

3. He’s f**king Machete!
danny trejo machete

…and Machete
danny trejo spy kids

4. He’s a supporter of Best Friends Animal Society, who helps homeless animals get adopted.
danny trejo best friends

5. He starred in pretty much the greatest SuperBowl commercial of all time…

What’s your favorite Danny Trejo movie? Share below and discuss the coolest man on the planet.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Close Her Mouth

When stuck in class with a boring lesson, you might be inclined to yawn. Well, DON’T DO IT! Well, this girl probably won’t be yawning anymore. Holly was sitting in class and let out a big yawn…then couldn’t close her mouth again. Her jaw completely locked up. You won’t believe what doctors had to do to help her close her mouth.

And, guys, no ex-wife jokes. What’s the weirdest incident you’ve heard of that sent someone to the ER? Share below and let us know.

World’s Oldest Preserved Brain Discovered In The UK

Scientists have recently found Britain’s oldest brain. No it doesn’t belong to Queen Elizabeth. It’s believed to have come from a man who lived 2,600 years ago. Archeologists were shocked. Ordinarily soft tissue including skin, flesh, and the brain aren’t preserved for that long a period of time. The remarkable find was made while researchers were excavating Iron-age landscape on property belonging to the University of York. They discovered a skull face down a pit. Attached to the skull was two vertebrae and the jaw. When scientists looked inside the skull while cleaning it and saw the brain still inside, they were blown away.

oldest brain
Courtesy Ancient-Origins.net

Brain Factoid: The brain is made up of 75% water and generates enough energy to power a light bulb.

The amazing find of the ancient brain was made by researchers from the York Archaeological Trust in a Heslington, York site in 2009. The mortuary at York Hospital removed the top of the ancient skull so scientists could gain access to the
bright yellow spongy material inside and verify it was indeed the brain of a man from the 6th Century B.C. The 34 scientist working to study and preserve the brain say he died from a blow to the head and his neck was cut with a small, very sharp knife. It may have been done by hooligans at an ancient soccer match.

Courtesy Ancient-Origins.net
Courtesy Ancient-Origins.net

Brain Factoid: The brain weighs about 3 pounds and stops growing at age 18 or after 10,000 hours of watching television.

The brain was astonishingly well-preserved. Scientists postulate that happen because the head was severed immediately after the man died and buried in wet, clay-rich soil. This may have prevented oxygen from getting to the brain and causing it to rot. Decomposition of soft tissue requires oxygen, water and the right temperature for bacteria to do their work. In the brain of this ancient murder victim, the proteins and fats in the brain fused together and simply shrunk over time. Much like the brains of people who watch too much reality TV.

Courtesy York Archaeological Trust
Courtesy York Archaeological Trust

Scientists are continuing to study the ancient brain.

20 Other Uses For Lemons

We all know that lemons are delicious to use in beverages, to flavor fish and poultry, and even just to eat on their own. What many people do not know is that the usefulness of lemons goes far beyond being a delicious snack or flavor enhancer. They’re the perfect all-natural option for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, and much more. Read on to discover 20 new ways to use lemons!

1. Preserve fruits and vegetables by misting them with lemon juice. The acidity prevents browning, and can even revive wilted lettuce.

2. Mix up a 50/50 vinegar and water solution, then add 2-4 tablespoons of lemon juice to create an all-natural disinfectant cleaner.

3. Mix 1 cup lemon juice with ¼ cup water, mist hair until damp, then sit in the sun or under a hair dryer until dry for natural-looking highlights.

4. Mix a 50/50 lemon juice and water solution in a spray bottle for a streak-free mirror and window cleaner.

5. Add ¼ cup of lemon juice to your wash cycle to brighten whites.

6. Scrub faucets and handles in the bathroom with ½ lemon to remove soap scum and polish metals.

7. Create an all-natural teeth whitener by brushing with a paste of lemon juice and baking soda.

8. Boil a pot of water with cut lemon wedges and peels for a long-lasting home air freshener.

9. Rub wooden cutting boards with ½ lemon to disinfect and deodorize.

10. Dab warts with a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice several times a day to dissolve.

11. Rub fingernails and toenails with a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice to remove stubborn polish stains.

12. Place cut lemon wedges in a small bowl of water, microwave for two minutes, then wipe out the microwave for easy cleaning and odor control.

13. Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with ½ tablespoon of lemon juice to make your own furniture polish.

14. Run cut lemons and lemon peels through the garbage disposal to clean and deodorize.

15. Make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda to clean stainless steel.

16. Pour undiluted lemon juice over minor cuts and scrapes to reduce bleeding and disinfect wounds.

17. Add 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice to humidifiers to disinfect and release a fresh scent.

18. Even your skin tone by applying a mixture of 1 part lemon juice to 5 parts water to skin daily.

19. Spritz doorways, windows, and other insect entrance areas with lemon juice to keep ants and other bugs away.

20. Soothe poison ivy and alleviate the itch by applying lemon juice directly to the rash.

What’s your favorite use for lemons besides as a food product? Comment below and share these tips with your friends.

cleaning with lemons

8 Bizarre Accidents That People Actually Survived

Sometimes, we think we’re pretty safe in our own little worlds. Other times, we fear for our lives. Here are 8 people who should left this mortal coil and yet they survived. They managed to survive accidents that would have killed anyone else. It’s a testament to the human spirit and sometimes, a little bit of luck.

accident picture

1. The Convertible Van- How in the world James Crawford lived through his accident in 2012 is anyone’s guess because by the look of the damage to the van, he shouldn’t still be alive. As he was driving to work one morning on a highway in New Jersey, a large crane was carrying a huge steel beam on a construction site that ended up swinging across the highway and across traffic. As James is driving, the beam suddenly rips the top off of the van and crashes the passenger side seat, as James sits in the driver’s seat. Luckily and unbelievably, he only suffers minor cuts and a broken thumb. The police and investigators for the construction company believe high winds were the reason for the beam going over into traffic.

2. The man with half of a head-Once again here is an example of how it is a miracle that thing person is alive. They call him the man with “half a head.” His name is Carlos Rodriguez and his nickname is “halfy” and he will be the first to tell you that drinking, doing drugs and driving are a mistake. That is how he lost almost half his head. He was 14 at the time and was thrown out of the car and through the windshield after hitting the base of a tree.

3. Yasser Lopez is a 16 yr. old teenager who was very, very, lucky. In Miami, he and his friends were fishing together when he said he was holding a fish his friend had caught and the next minute he had fallen into the water. He said the next minute he saw the three foot metal fishing spear that was gas powered sticking out of his forehead. They called 911 and he was rushed to the emergency room. What is really extraordinary is he was conscious through the whole thing. When he got there they said it had gone through to the other side but was not sticking out of his head yet. He will need to go through physical therapy because of trouble with motor skills. It is a wonder he is alive at all, he was very lucky indeed.


4. The Man With Half A Body-Truman Duncan was enjoying his name in Texas in 2006. He was riding along on the front of a railroad car as a railroad switch man when he fell off onto another track and was hit by an oncoming train coming from the other direction. He had jumped up and ran alongside the train trying to outrun the coming train but slipped and fell. The oncoming train tried to come to a stop, but not before it had gone 75 feet and ripped up his legs and then onto the entire right lower half of his body. He lost his right leg up to his thigh, his left left leg, his hip and one kidney. He was able to stay conscious and call 911 from his cell phone. He said that wanting to see his kids grow up kept him alive. Somehow he lived through this and even through the 45 minutes it took for an ambulance to get to him. It took four months and 23 surgeries to save what they could of his body. His insurance paid to remodel his house to be wheelchair friendly. He returned to his old company to redo old train cars.The doctors said god must have a plan for him because they do not know how he did not die or bleed to death.


5. The Man Who Took an Construction Drill Through the Head-Ron Hunt had a really bad day at work on a construction site In 2003. The construction site in California had him balancing himself on a ladder and holding a very big and heavy drill. Somehow the ladder broke and Ron went falling down face first to the ground. Yes, just as you guessed it he landed right on the drill with a very big drill bit going right through his eye and right through his head. Luckily he didn’t die, but he did have a problem trying to figure things out. When he got to the hospital they took him to surgery and tried to figure out how they could get the bit out without doing any more damage. They cut the bit at either end that was sticking out, then during surgery figured out that it was lose so the easiest way to get it out was just to turn it as you normally would to get it out of something like wood. Poor Mr. Hunt was kept awake during the whole thing and thankfully was given Morphine. Luckily it missed his brain. He did have some nerve damage and a hole in the back of his head. Unfortunately, his insurance didn’t cover the accident so people started a medical fund to help him with unpaid leave and medical bills.


6. Greg Rasmussen was flying in a plane enjoying the ride until the worst thing ever happened. Not only did he crash his plane because of high winds, but it crashed in the Kalahari Desert. He was the only survivor and was badly injured and ended up with his legs mangled. With no water, intense heat, no food, he crawled under a tree for shade and to be a little cooler. That all worked for a while as he was waiting for someone to hopefully find him. Later as night time came, animals started trying to attack him. He climbed under the fuselage of the plane. Elephants tried to trample him, but luckily he beat on the metal of the plane and scared them away. Then he was being stalked by lions and did the same things. He even had a hyena who tried to eat him. After twenty four hours of intense pain another plane flew over and saw the wrecked plane and sent help. When he got to the hospital, they were amazed that he was alive. He had over 100 surgeries for him to even have any use of his legs at all. His legs are barely useable and are 3 inches shorter. He is now running his anti-poaching organization he started.

7. Morgan Lake was on her way to visit relatives while on vacation from college and was crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and was stuck in traffic when she looked in her rear view mirror and saw an 18 wheeler truck coming straight for the back of her car and was coming at a pretty good speed. Next thing you know the truck had rear ended her and knocked her car up and over the bridge and into the water. The driver of the truck was a Canadian driver who was on his first trip by himself. Luckily the windshield and driver’s window had been knocked out so after the car started going under she got her wits about her, she unhooked her seat belt, went out the window and swam to the surface of the water.

She swam to an area of rocks at the base of the bridge and waited until police were able to rescue her. She not only didn’t die, she had no broken bones, and no serious injuries. The driver of the 18 wheeler was charged with several charges which he pled guilty.

8. Joseph Guzman was in New York attending a bachelor party with his friends. There are many different versions of what happened after that but somehow they ended up in a situation with the police who ended up shooting. 50 shots were fired at Joseph and 19 of them hit the mark. When he went into surgery, doctors found seven bullets still inside his body. He had been hit in the abdomen, legs, and chest, and his cheekbone has been shattered by a bullet. He lost a tremendous amount of blood but lived. He walks with a limp and needs a cane but is able to get around.

5 Effective Money Saving Habits

A successful way to save money is to reduce expenses. There are many ways you can do this. However, some of the steps will require sacrifice and planning but they will be well worth the effort. Here are 5 easy non-painful ways you can save money.

Cutting the spending on utilities such as heating and cooling, electric, water and telephone can help you save a lot of money. When you leave your home, turn off the lights. You can also invest in power saver bulbs. Any voltage adapters use electricity even when they are not plugged in to the device. Pull the plug on those devices when not in use or buy a smart power strip to do it for you. You can save water by investing in shower reduction kit. These work by reducing water into shower heads. You should also repair leaky faucets and toilets. If you have a pool, keep it covered when it is not in use to avoid water evaporation.

Check it out at My Dudetopia