This Artist’s Sidewalk Art Will Have You Fooled (And Amazed)

Born July 10, 1968, Edgar Müller grew up in the western German city of Straelen. His childhood love of painting began with landscapes of his hometown.

Street painting intrigued Müller. He first entered the Geldern international street painting festival at the age of 16, and he won his first title in the competition at age 19. Müller has won several international festivals since his first entry in Geldern. In 1998, he gained the title of ‘maestro madonnari’ (master street painter) as awarded by the world’s largest street painting festival, The Grazie Festival in Italy. At age 25, he devoted his career to street painting. Müller traveled extensively throughout Europe teaching and presenting his art.

Müller strives to promote street artists and their art and has organized festivals. He also developed an internet forum to unite and promote street artists.

Despite his classes and communication design training, Müller is autodidact, and he continues to explore new art forms and develop his own style. His 3 dimensional street art uses traditional painting and challenges public perception.

Müller enjoys the availability of street art – the artist showcasing his or her art without a gallery or museum. He continues to appreciate the transitory nature of street art – everything changes on the street. Just a person passing within the borders of a scene changes the art, and then, it changes again.

Here is a gallery of 10 of his most awe inspiring creations. Hard to beleive this is all just sidewalks, chalk and one huge amount of creative vision and artistry.

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“Usually I go in nature to get ideas for a new painting. A simple walk in the forests around my house can be very inspiring. My way of getting inspiration is to ask questions. What am I doing here? What can I do better? How do we create our reality? Is time linear? Do I believe in god? Some may think these are childish questions – but that’s in fact the greatest compliment.” – Edgar Mueller.

Which of these are your favorites? Which took your breath away? Comment below and let us know then share this amazing art with your friends.

You can see all of his artwork at his official website.