Feng Shui To Attract Love? (Video)

Yin and Yang Living hostess Moon gets some expert advice in bedroom feng shui from Donna Stellhorn. Donna illustrates how to set up the furniture in your house to attract love. WHo knew feng shui could be used for love attraction.

Our favorite tip: keep the bed near one wall, but not two walls. It will give the person a feeling of being closed in since one side of the bed is up against the wall.

Do you use feng shui in your life? If so, how? Share in the comments below.

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21 Amazingly Cute Farm Animals

Have you ever seen an animal so cute, you almost got angry? Something so disgustingly cute that you just wanted to pull an Elmira on it? Well, we here all love sharing pictures of cute animals and hearing everyone scream “OMG, so cute!”. It’s quite the euphoria buzz.

Check out this slideshow of 21 amazingly cute animals of the farm variety.

[slideshow_deploy id=’864′]

So, which was your favorite? Any one of them in particular make you “squee”? Comment below and let us know your favorites, then share with your friends to hear them scream with delight “Awwwww, so cute”.

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