Feng Shui To Attract Love? (Video)

Yin and Yang Living hostess Moon gets some expert advice in bedroom feng shui from Donna Stellhorn. Donna illustrates how to set up the furniture in your house to attract love. WHo knew feng shui could be used for love attraction.

Our favorite tip: keep the bed near one wall, but not two walls. It will give the person a feeling of being closed in since one side of the bed is up against the wall.

Do you use feng shui in your life? If so, how? Share in the comments below.

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The Hilarious Results Of Couples Playing Truth Or Drink

Couples got together and played a game of Truth Or Drink. They have to answer sexual questions and if they don’t want to answer, they have to take a shot. It’s pretty damn funny. There is even an appearance from the producer’s parents.

Would you play Truth Or Drink with your significant other? Are there any questions you could be asked that you would take the shot versus answering? Will this become the next great party game? Comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback.

5 Ways Danny Trejo Is Cooler Than You

Let’s face it. Danny Trejo is cooler than all of us put together. His IMDb credit listing is almost a book in and of itself. He seems to be in 1 out of every 4 RedBox movies currently in any given kiosk. He seems like a great guy who will have your back in a bar fight and buy everyone beers afterwards.

Here, though, are 5 reasons why he’s definitely cooler than you (and the rest of us, Chuck Norris included).

1. His memes are bad ass
danny trejo meme

danny trejo meme

danny trejo meme

2. He can grow a beard that will make Chuck Norris look like a 16 year old trying to grow his first moustache
danny trejo beard

3. He’s f**king Machete!
danny trejo machete

…and Machete
danny trejo spy kids

4. He’s a supporter of Best Friends Animal Society, who helps homeless animals get adopted.
danny trejo best friends

5. He starred in pretty much the greatest SuperBowl commercial of all time…

What’s your favorite Danny Trejo movie? Share below and discuss the coolest man on the planet.

20 Other Uses For Lemons

We all know that lemons are delicious to use in beverages, to flavor fish and poultry, and even just to eat on their own. What many people do not know is that the usefulness of lemons goes far beyond being a delicious snack or flavor enhancer. They’re the perfect all-natural option for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, and much more. Read on to discover 20 new ways to use lemons!

1. Preserve fruits and vegetables by misting them with lemon juice. The acidity prevents browning, and can even revive wilted lettuce.

2. Mix up a 50/50 vinegar and water solution, then add 2-4 tablespoons of lemon juice to create an all-natural disinfectant cleaner.

3. Mix 1 cup lemon juice with ¼ cup water, mist hair until damp, then sit in the sun or under a hair dryer until dry for natural-looking highlights.

4. Mix a 50/50 lemon juice and water solution in a spray bottle for a streak-free mirror and window cleaner.

5. Add ¼ cup of lemon juice to your wash cycle to brighten whites.

6. Scrub faucets and handles in the bathroom with ½ lemon to remove soap scum and polish metals.

7. Create an all-natural teeth whitener by brushing with a paste of lemon juice and baking soda.

8. Boil a pot of water with cut lemon wedges and peels for a long-lasting home air freshener.

9. Rub wooden cutting boards with ½ lemon to disinfect and deodorize.

10. Dab warts with a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice several times a day to dissolve.

11. Rub fingernails and toenails with a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice to remove stubborn polish stains.

12. Place cut lemon wedges in a small bowl of water, microwave for two minutes, then wipe out the microwave for easy cleaning and odor control.

13. Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with ½ tablespoon of lemon juice to make your own furniture polish.

14. Run cut lemons and lemon peels through the garbage disposal to clean and deodorize.

15. Make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda to clean stainless steel.

16. Pour undiluted lemon juice over minor cuts and scrapes to reduce bleeding and disinfect wounds.

17. Add 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice to humidifiers to disinfect and release a fresh scent.

18. Even your skin tone by applying a mixture of 1 part lemon juice to 5 parts water to skin daily.

19. Spritz doorways, windows, and other insect entrance areas with lemon juice to keep ants and other bugs away.

20. Soothe poison ivy and alleviate the itch by applying lemon juice directly to the rash.

What’s your favorite use for lemons besides as a food product? Comment below and share these tips with your friends.

cleaning with lemons

5 Effective Money Saving Habits

A successful way to save money is to reduce expenses. There are many ways you can do this. However, some of the steps will require sacrifice and planning but they will be well worth the effort. Here are 5 easy non-painful ways you can save money.

Cutting the spending on utilities such as heating and cooling, electric, water and telephone can help you save a lot of money. When you leave your home, turn off the lights. You can also invest in power saver bulbs. Any voltage adapters use electricity even when they are not plugged in to the device. Pull the plug on those devices when not in use or buy a smart power strip to do it for you. You can save water by investing in shower reduction kit. These work by reducing water into shower heads. You should also repair leaky faucets and toilets. If you have a pool, keep it covered when it is not in use to avoid water evaporation.

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