The Hilarious Results Of Couples Playing Truth Or Drink

Couples got together and played a game of Truth Or Drink. They have to answer sexual questions and if they don’t want to answer, they have to take a shot. It’s pretty damn funny. There is even an appearance from the producer’s parents.

Would you play Truth Or Drink with your significant other? Are there any questions you could be asked that you would take the shot versus answering? Will this become the next great party game? Comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback.

5 Amazing Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions are fun with interesting pictures of people and inanimate objects, which have every one trying to figure them out. During this article, there will be five amazing optical illusions presented for your mind to chew on. After the head tilts and eye squinting, pass it on to family and friends. They will appreciate a fun moment or two trying to understand what is in front of them. But for now, go ahead and try it out.

optical illusion

Illusions using people is always an interesting proposition, especially when it is a real person and not a drawing. It is up to you to decide what you are looking at. Is it the front of his face, or the side of his face?

optical illusion

This next illusion is set in a subway area. Someone painted a staircase on the wall and floor, or is this a Photoshop job? The only thing missing is a cat sitting or lying underneath. A piece of luggage could also add additional nuance.


Remember the drawing of people mentioned earlier? Well, this next illusion is a drawing of a man’s face. Actually, some think it is the word liar written in cursive. Now that you have seen it, what is the verdict?

optical illusion

The black dot counter illusion is next up. This one will really give your eyes a run for their money. As soon as the eye rest on one black dot, it immediately turns white. But more than that, the black and white dots continue to move with every blink. Make it stop!

optical illusion

It is a well known fact that elephants have four legs. However, this next illusion challenges this assumption. How many did you count? Try starting at the front of the elephant and work your way to the back. Did you have any luck? Try it from the back to the front. This illusion was created by a cognitive scientist.

Optical illusions have a vast array of begins. The regular doodler can create benders for the left and right side of the brain to duke it out. However, the professionally trained individual such as a psychiatrist or psychologist can also wreak havoc on the optical senses. Remember the last illusion by a cognitive scientist?

Which of these are your favorite? Comment below and let us know.

Will Ferrell Is Little Debbie?

Last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell stopped by…and announced he’s the new face of Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

He brought along one of our favorite snacks: a box of Swiss Rolls…and he teased the audience about everyone getting one a la Oprah Winfrey.

Will Ferrell’s appearances on the Tonight Show are always a laugh riot.

So, can YOU tell the difference between a Little Debbie’s Snack Cake and a baked potato (with your eyes closed)?

So, what’s your favorite Will Ferrell moment? Share below and let us know. Now excuse us as we have a snack run to perform…



Photo Credit: NBC

5 Ways Danny Trejo Is Cooler Than You

Let’s face it. Danny Trejo is cooler than all of us put together. His IMDb credit listing is almost a book in and of itself. He seems to be in 1 out of every 4 RedBox movies currently in any given kiosk. He seems like a great guy who will have your back in a bar fight and buy everyone beers afterwards.

Here, though, are 5 reasons why he’s definitely cooler than you (and the rest of us, Chuck Norris included).

1. His memes are bad ass
danny trejo meme

danny trejo meme

danny trejo meme

2. He can grow a beard that will make Chuck Norris look like a 16 year old trying to grow his first moustache
danny trejo beard

3. He’s f**king Machete!
danny trejo machete

…and Machete
danny trejo spy kids

4. He’s a supporter of Best Friends Animal Society, who helps homeless animals get adopted.
danny trejo best friends

5. He starred in pretty much the greatest SuperBowl commercial of all time…

What’s your favorite Danny Trejo movie? Share below and discuss the coolest man on the planet.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Close Her Mouth

When stuck in class with a boring lesson, you might be inclined to yawn. Well, DON’T DO IT! Well, this girl probably won’t be yawning anymore. Holly was sitting in class and let out a big yawn…then couldn’t close her mouth again. Her jaw completely locked up. You won’t believe what doctors had to do to help her close her mouth.

And, guys, no ex-wife jokes. What’s the weirdest incident you’ve heard of that sent someone to the ER? Share below and let us know.